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Unlock the power of in-store data

Retailers around the world use our software to identify in-store customers through digital receipts and connect 100% of in-store transactions into any platform they use in real-time.

Without EPOS integrations, IT development, or new hardware.

Trusted Globally

No matter which region, country or language, retailers use eyos retail to link billions of purchased products to in-store customers around the world.

Our Technology

Our light-touch software application works around the world on any till or register. It does not require EPOS integration, IT development, or new hardware.

  • Our software does not need to be integrated into existing EPOS systems and can be rolled out centrally.

    Offer fully branded & personalised digital receipts via any method such as email, text and more. It also works alongside loyalty programmes to identify non-members and their purchases.
  • As a transaction happens in-store, we connect it to any of your in-house or external platforms in real time.

    Whether you are building a single customer view, intend to collect in-store product reviews, or need to activate in-store data in any other way, we stream it where you need it.
  • We connect in-store transactions to your digital ad campaigns so you can measure their revenue impact in your retail stores.

    As official partners of Facebook, Google and other ad platforms, we enable you to optimise ad spend & strategy; taking into account the offline impact of your digital ads.

Identify in-store customers through digital receipts

Our software enables retailers to offer digital receipts in their stores - all without integration with their EPOS system.


Control the design of your digital receipts to ensure a bespoke and on-brand experience.


Digital receipts are official documents, always localised and can be sent in any language.


Your customers receive their proof of purchase receipt in real time.


Build third-party content like product recommendations, Net Promoter Score and others into your digital receipts.


Whether manual, digital or linked to the payment, we support many ways to identify shoppers.


Send digital receipts through any channel: email, SMS, apps and other platforms.


Use our real-time and email reporting tool to track any KPI down to store assistant level.


Validate customer identifiers in real time to ensure quality data capture in your stores.

Some examples of our customers' digital receipt designs

Connect in-store data in real time

eyos retail connects in-store data to any data platform in the retailer’s digital ecosystem to enable teams and partners to increase customer value.

Some of the benefits retailers see when connecting in-store data through eyos retail to the platforms they use.

  • Live data connection to CRM database
  • Linking customers to transactions through digital receipts, capturing data consent and establishing a live connection into the CRM platform led to 9-fold growth of customer visibility.

  • Live data connection to product review platform
  • In-store customers left public product reviews through their digital receipts. This led to increased traffic to the retailer’s website, resulting in an improved organic Google Page Rank for relevant keywords.
  • Live data connection to event booking engine
  • Digital receipts allowed the retailer to send invitations to store events in the name of individual stores. More invitees attended, which led to an increase in event sales.

Measure in-store ROI of digital ads

As global partners of Facebook, Google and other major advertising platforms, we enable real-time measurement of how digital ads impact in-store revenues. Just drop the eyos retail software on your till, just like the Google Tag or Facebook Pixel on your website, and start tracking offline ad conversions in-store.


We are a Facebook Marketing Partner and connects in-store sales directly to your Facebook ad account.

Track live offline conversion value of Facebook & Instagram ads using your existing tools. Create new audiences and optimise ad spend, campaigns and ROI.


Our native integrations into Google's advertising ecosystem offers many possibilities to advertisers.

Measure the in-store sales impact of Google ads, run store-specific product ads without inventory feeds using Google's Local Inventory Ads and much more.


We empower in-house marketing teams and agencies with in-store sales data.

Your digital marketing experts can now optimise ad spend and Return-On-Investment leveraging your offline data alongside your online sales.


40% of sales attributed to Facebook ads came from in-store.

24x Return-On-Ad-Spend of Google ads generated in-store.

2.5x higher Google ads ROI offline compared to online.

752% ROI of Facebook ads with objective to convert in-store.

80% match rate of in-store identified customers on Facebook.

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We help companies working with retailers access in-store data

We are a technology agnostic business helping companies working with our own clients or other retailers to bring in-store data into their own solutions.

Many businesses, ranging from CRM and ratings & reviews companies to advertising or analytics platforms, trust our software to stream in-store data into their systems.

Get in touch if you need to add offline data to your solution.

Meet the Team

Everyone in our team is passionate about what we do, and we are lucky to work amongst great people with very complementary skill sets developing some of the best solutions around the globe. Our people have developed global customer retention programmes, implemented complex data analytics schemes, ran retail and technology businesses, invented the click-and-collect concept, designed software security systems for banks and governments and have done many more exciting things, which form the foundation for the great eyos team spirit and our focus on delivering relevant and powerful in-store data capture and connector products for our clients.